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*Residential Seller Telephone Marketing Leads-

**Fsbo's, Expired's, Pre-foreclosures, & Farming in your area.**  

*Commercial Seller Telephone Marketing Leads-

**Multifamily bulidings, Conventional, Portfolio, Wholesale, Bridge Loans, Fix 
  & Flip, Cash Out, Refinance, Buy & Hold.** 


​Telephone Marketing Leads-

U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters will generate appointment/leads for you.

"U.S.R.E.L.M." will call individual homeowners on your behalf. We will find out when they are ready to sell their home, buy a home or if they know anyone who wants to sell or buy a home.

Prospecting Script Example:

Good Morning! This is Mark Daniels with Sunshine Realty. How are you? Great! I was just calling to find out, if at some point, you are thinking about selling your home? What? Not today? Okay. What about next month? In three months? Who do you know is thinking about selling their home?. Perhaps a friend? Perhaps a family member? What about a co-worker? Also, I'm calling to let you know we've just listed your neighbor’s home at 202 Orange Avenue and I was wondering who you know that might like to live in your neighborhood? (PAUSE) No, don’t know anyone? Well 
thanks for your time. By the way…in the course of marketing this property we may meet other buyers who are interested in living in your neighborhood…who can you think of that might be interested in selling to a qualified buyer anytime in the next two months? (PAUSE) Okay, well of all of the people you know, who might be the next to move?

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